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A Bootle Of Beer And A Fuck

Added Jan 18, 2018 Avg Rating: 4.20

After breaking into an abandoned building, Stany Falcone and his mate have a beer (or two) as finally his bro gets his trackies down and his thick, meaty cock out of his jeans and into Stany's mouth. His wasted buddy can’t hold back the bone and his monster cock is soon buried up his ass.

Categories: Outdoor, Hunks

Basement Sportswear Action

Added Nov 5, 2017 Avg Rating: 3.90

Two scallies in sportswear looking sexy and horny, hooking up in a basement. Deepthroat sucking, cock treatment and heavy fuck action make the two mates beat the juice out of their heavy balls.

Categories: Sportswear, Hunks

Bottom Bitch on Stallion Stany

Added Mar 25, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.80

Hot meeting in the bathroom. Stany, well-trained and only wearing shorts, has a hard-on which he loves showing to suck slut Meddy. While he fucks Meddy deepthroat, the bottom bitch turns around and lifts his ass to stallion Stany. After Stany has come, Meddy also catapults the sperm out of his balls!

Categories: Big Dicks, Hunks
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Fuck Hole in Jockstraps

Added Oct 22, 2012 Avg Rating: 3.80

In the darkroom of a sex club power bottom Stany, only wearing jockstraps, waits for a dick in his ass. Sam passes by, rims and works on Sam's hole before sticking his hard-on into his tight ass. Later on Stany is allowed to suck the dick that's just fucked him and gets Sam's jizz all over his body.

Categories: Darkroom, Big Dicks

Glory hole sucking and fucking

Added Sep 12, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.80

Glory hole action in the darkroom. Stany Falcone gives Julien, who is waiting on his knees, what he wants: his hard dick. Soon enough Julien starts expecting more and offers his mate his firm, little ass, ready for fuck. So Stany licks Julien's ass to make it soft and digs his dick into it.

Categories: Darkroom

Pounded Roommate

Added May 30, 2016 Avg Rating: 3.90

Stany and Kylian, two muscular, horny lads, come closer in their hotel room. They suck each other, then Stany fucks his roommate very intensively. Kylian is so horny that he shoots a huge load of sperm on his stomach with Stany's hard cock still humping him.

Categories: Big Dicks, Hunks

Slave Abused in Darkroom

Added Aug 15, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.80

Jean Franko, a hot, manly guy wearing a mask, fondles the bulge in his shorts. Stany waits behind him in a cage in the darkroom, eager to fulfill his master's wishes. He may suck first, but then he has to offer his ass to let Jean play with his hole and unmindfully fuck him.

Categories: Darkroom, Big Dicks, Young / Old, Hunks

Spank Me, Fuck Me

Added Aug 3, 2017 Avg Rating: 5.00

Maxxime, a dirty, passive twink kneels naked, wearing only with a collar, in a darkroom. Stany, an athletic chap with a hard boner, knows what a bottom needs: spanking until the ass glows, mouth fucking and a hard dick in his bum! Rude, dirty action with superb cumshots at the end.

Categories: Darkroom, Big Dicks, Toys, Rough, Twinks

Stany Falcone’s Exhibitionist Outdoor Fuck

Added Mar 28, 2011 Avg Rating: 4.40

Cheeky Stany Falcone doesn’t care who catches him as he beats his hog in an industrial ruin. Adrian Veidt’s not far off to give him what he needs, servicing his cock with his hungry mouth and fuckable bubble butt. Once he’s spent, Stany has a smug grin for the camera and leaves Adrian to finish himself off.

Categories: Outdoor, Hunks

Swimsuit Slut Looking For Meaty Dong

Added Dec 12, 2013 Avg Rating: 4.20

Martin Claus is asking for trouble hanging around the public pool in his open-ass swimsuit, and in the lockerroom the horny little slut gets what he wants. Stany Falcone is more than happy to ram his fat cock down his throat and get wanked off like a boss to finish up.

Categories: Hunks

The Most Important Meal of the Day – Dong

Added Jan 9, 2017 Avg Rating: 4.00

Hot and horny lovers Issac Jones and Stany Falcone can’t get the day started without helping each other out with the morning wood. These two hung muscles studs start the day with some steamy snogging and a good deepthroat blowjob before breakfast.

Categories: Hunks