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Videos featuring Max Lacoste

Screwed by the cameraman

Added Jul 19, 2018 Avg Rating: 3.80

Luccion Rital is a cute, insatiable power bottom. He meets up with Max Lacoste, a passionate, young fucker, in the darkroom, and services him with his mouth. Then he offers his firm ass to Max who fucks it hard and deep. But for Luccio this ain‘t enough, so he asks Jess, the cameraman, for help. Jess is obliging and breaks into Luccio's ass. Will Luccio be satisfied then?

Categories: Darkroom, Jess Adventures

Surfer Boy Fucked at Dusk

Added May 3, 2018 Avg Rating: 3.50

Dusk on the coast, it's almost romantic. But Max and Lucas have only one thing in mind: fuck and play! Lucas, a slim, blond surfer boy, is pounded by Max‘s monster cock so hard that his ass is still gaping long after they've come.

Categories: Outdoor, Twinks

Ass Splitting on Casting Couch

Added May 8, 2017 Avg Rating: 3.80

Gwen, a manly boy with tattoos and a huge boner, and Max Lacoste, the top fucker with a permanent hard-on, amuse themselves on the sofa. After Max has fucked his mate deepthroat, he splits his ass in doggy position. Hard fucking and two juicy cumshots.

Categories: Young / Old, Twinks
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Top Sacrifices his Ass for Brice's Huge Dick

Added May 2, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.40

When two porn stars meet in front of the camera, it's not for having a cup of tea together... And when both are tops, one usually has to sacrifice his ass to the other's cock! This time it's Max Lacoste who draws the short straw and gets fucked by Brice across the bed. Two perfect hunks in a wicked scene going from wild to mild!

Categories: Hunks

Suck my Dick like a Dog

Added Oct 17, 2016 Avg Rating: 3.80

Max wants to be a master. For that reason he kicks young Tristan's ass, presses his willing victim's head down to his crotch until he chokes. Tristan has no chance to escape from that doggy position as he gets fucked like mad by Max and moans, until both spit their hot, creamy sauce out.

Categories: Sportswear, Rough, Twinks

Horny Twinks Mass Orgy

Added May 23, 2016 Avg Rating: 3.90

Huge orgy with seven sporty young fuckers. Slim and hungry for cocks and asss, these guys suck and fuck the hell out of each other. Awesome gang bang session with a happy creamy end!

Categories: Group, Sportswear, Big Dicks, Twinks

Young Fuckers in Locker Room

Added Mar 15, 2012 Avg Rating: 3.80

In the locker room two horny dark-haired twinks continue their workout with lots of sucking, rimming, hard fucking and spectacular cumshots!

Categories: Sportswear, Twinks

Extreme Ass Treatment

Added Oct 3, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.80

Pablo, in his early twenties, with big chops and a beard, hangs out with slim, hairless twink-fucker Max, whose rock-hard hammer first strikes into Pablo's mug. After plenty of ass play with both hands Max hammers it into Pablo's open ass. Bumfuck without limits!

Categories: Rough, Twinks

The Loser gets Fucked

Added Jul 3, 2017 Avg Rating: 3.80

Two horny mates in sports gear don't think twice: dicks out, deep sucking until they‘re both hard for fucking, and rimming until the ass is soft enough for a good pounding! What follows is merciless fucking until they both spit their jizz.

Categories: Outdoor, Sportswear, Big Dicks

Fuck Me Awake

Added Feb 5, 2018 Avg Rating: 3.90

Max and Pablo, two cute guys, wake up after a long night. The only thing they can think about is the hottest way to have it off right now. Max sticks his dick into Pablo's mouth until it‘s completely hard. Then he licks his mate's ass until it‘s soft and ready for fucking, which no doubt will wake him up.

Categories: Big Dicks, Twinks

Punished by the Coach

Added Jul 25, 2016 Avg Rating: 4.00

After the football match Max gets private lessons from his coach. They kiss and get their stiff dicks out of their shorts. They start with mutual sucking, then Max has to offer his jockstrapped ass for a deep fuck. Even loud moaning doesn't help as Thierry breaks into his pupil until both spurt their hot sauce.

Categories: Outdoor, Sportswear, Big Dicks, Young / Old, Hunks, Twinks

Fucked by Steam Hammer

Added Apr 24, 2017 Avg Rating: 3.80

Juicy interracial sex. Max Lacoste is busy on balaclavaed Demont's huge boner. The lad enjoys that kind of service including hole stretching, sucking and extreme fucking until the white creamy dick sauce squirts out of his fuck tool.

Categories: Masked Tops, Big Dicks