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Videos featuring Mathieu Lafitte

From the hotel balcony to the bed

Added Apr 26, 2018 Avg Rating: 3.80

Mathieu Lafitte, a slim, athletic guy in his late twenties, XL, top; Phil Davanto, slightly hairy and an awesome bottom! Phil sucks horny Mathieu's dick on the balcony. The cars passing by outside absolutely don't bother them. Phil keeps sucking, then they both move on into the room where Mathieu digs his cock deep into Phil's bang ass!

Categories: Outdoor, Big Dicks, Hunks

Fucked by Spanish in Backroom

Added May 6, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.80

French-Spanish friendship and a glory hole. Diego, a spanish fuck bull with a huge cock, and Mathieu, a french bottom slut, are in the darkroom of a sexclub. Deepthroat fucking through a glory hole, a deep ass fuck in standing position through the fuck hole and finally two big loads of spunk!

Categories: Darkroom, Big Dicks

Fucked in the Woods

Added Apr 20, 2017 Avg Rating: 3.80

Slim, underfucked, well-hung: hidden behind trees in a wood two young fuckers wank off like mad. Dark-haired Enzo is a serial shagger but when it comes to fucking he‘s only top. So Mathieu offers him his twink hole and enjoys Enzo fucking him on the ground until both spit out their creamy loads.

Categories: Outdoor, Big Dicks, Twinks
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Fucking the Workman

Added Dec 13, 2012 Avg Rating: 3.80

Mathieu comes to Max' place to fix the heater, but Max has other plans and starts tampering with Mathieu's hard cock who takes the chance to relax for a while by fucking Max deepthroat and licking his butt. Then Max turns the tables and bends the workman forwards to deepfuck him until both shoot their spunk.

Categories: Young / Old, Hunks, Twinks

Mathieu Lafitte’s Super Sloppy Hole

Added Sep 3, 2018 Avg Rating: 4.20

In an abandoned farmhouse Mathieu Lafitte and machofucker Billy Baval get down to some rough, nasty anal action on the stairs, with one of the messiest fucks we’ve seen. Mathieu’s stretched ass dribbles and squirts the sloppy slime down Billy’s hairy thighs.

Categories: Big Dicks, Hunks

Socks, Sucking, Trampling & Fucking

Added Nov 10, 2011 Avg Rating: 2.60

A hot sportswear scene with lads in tube sox, trampling and hard fucking. Not only sweat, but also lots of sperm squirts out of those young cocks.

Categories: Sportswear, Big Dicks, Rough

Straight Lad Sucked Off

Added Jun 13, 2013 Avg Rating: 3.80

Cedric, a manly, slightly haired skinhead, is actually straight. But once his girlfriend has left the house, he likes hooking up with a guy from time to time.

Categories: Big Dicks, Young / Old, Hunks

Summer Midday Fuck

Added Jul 30, 2018 Avg Rating: 3.80

Chill-out on the terrace. Mathieu, athletic and manly, kneads the bulge in his shorts when Micka arrives. They start kissing but Micka keeps stroking the content of Mathieu's shorts. Mathieu takes out his XXL-dong and gives his mate a good facial fuck. Then he takes Micka's hole and breaks into his ass for a deep fuck.

Categories: Outdoor, Big Dicks

Surfer Boy Fucked at Dusk

Added May 3, 2018 Avg Rating: 3.50

Dusk on the coast, it's almost romantic. But Max and Lucas have only one thing in mind: fuck and play! Lucas, a slim, blond surfer boy, is pounded by Max‘s monster cock so hard that his ass is still gaping long after they've come.

Categories: Outdoor, Twinks