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Anonymous Hallway Fuck For John Despe

Added Aug 7, 2014 Avg Rating: 3.90

John has dragged an Internet date in to get what he needs today – a rough ride right down to his hairy balls. The masked bottom fuckhole takes what he’s given, getting his mouth filled in a wet blowjob and his ass plugged with a fat dildo.

Categories: Darkroom, Big Dicks, Toys

Ass Opening by Young Cock

Added Oct 31, 2016 Avg Rating: 3.80

Two young, slim sports lads, hairless with huge cocks in a darkroom. First John rams his big boner into Klemente's throat, then fucks him up the ass until his hole is glowing and both have unloaded their cum.

Categories: Darkroom, Sportswear, Big Dicks, Twinks

John Despe Passes the Time in His Mate’s Ass

Added Sep 29, 2014 Avg Rating: 2.50

John Despe is crawling up the wall on a lazy afternoon until he gets his mate Matt Kennedy’s willing mouth deepthroating the heavy bulge growing in his trackpants. Once he’s sucked him up to full erection he whimpers his way through a rough assfucking.

Categories: Big Dicks
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Porno Wanker’s Cruise Club Reward

Added Dec 19, 2016 Avg Rating: 5.00

Scruffy John Despe has been porno wanking in the basement of the cruise club for long enough to have a serious case of blue balls, but Oz TBM’s mouth is soon along to service his mighty fucksteak. The pair get down to some serious assfucking while the porn plays on.

Categories: Darkroom, Big Dicks