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Pissfest in the Club Bogs with Enzo Di Karina

Killian Dhias is hanging around the toilet of the club hoping for a stream of hot piss and gets what he wants from hung Enzo di Karina. The macho fucker spreads his knees wide on the john to get Killian’s mouth as deep down his pole as he can.

Enzo Di Karina

Enzo Pissfest

Sneaker Wankers’ Afternoon Fuck

After finding a quiet corner of a wrecked building Theo Sartera soon has his little skater buddy Stan Lacoste on his knees and slurping at his heavy fucktool before he jams it in for a round of assfucking before seeding up his sneaks.

Theo Sartera & Stan Lacoste

Shoe Spunk

Worshipping His Filthy Trainers

Down in the cellar Jordan Kiffeur is on his hands and knees like a dog licking Tony Rekins’ sneaks like a submissive slut. Tony pounds his alpha status home when he ploughs his massive cock up Jordan’s tight ass.

Tony Rekins & Jordan Kiffeur

Next Update on Monday

John Despe Passes the Time in His Mate’s Ass

John Despe is crawling up the wall on a lazy afternoon until he gets his mate Matt Kennedy’s willing mouth deepthroating the heavy bulge growing in his trackpants. Once he’s sucked him up to full erection he whimpers his way through a rough assfucking.

John Despe & Matt Kennedy

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Alex Addicted on Fred's Sneakers

Fred Sneaker, a well-hung top, loves little submissive bootblacks. And Alex seems to be exactly the right one. First the gentle bottom licks Fred's sneakers, then sucks his dick and after all this lets Fred lick his ass until it's smooth enough to be forcefully fucked in the darkroom. Fred Sneaker was certainly satisfied...

Alex Kiffeur & Fred Sneaker

Sneaker Sex

Twink Fuck in the Tub

Bath tubs are not for recreation only. That‘s what quiet, unseasoned Sasha Attali finds out with young fuck machine Max Lacoste. Once he's had his dick sucked, he can't get enough from Sasha's tight ass and rides him across the bathroom. Then he shoots his creamy load all over Sasha's face.

Max Lacoste & Sasha Attali

Twink Cocks

Fuck Me Awake

Max and Pablo, two cute guys, wake up after a long night. The only thing they can think about is the hottest way to have it off right now. Max sticks his dick into Pablo's mouth until it‘s completely hard. Then he licks his mate's ass until it‘s soft and ready for fucking, which no doubt will wake him up.

Max Lacoste & Pablo Alancar

Horny Twinks

Sandwich Fuck in a Sling

Three dicks in a darkroom, each one bigger than the last. Each will get blown before the fucking starts. Hot sandwich scene in a sling with spectacular cumshots at the end!

Jess Royan & Moussa & Seedgey

Hardcore Threesome

Deep Fuck into Wide-Open Ass

Muscle stallion Malik lets Tristan suck his huge hard-on. Deeper and deeper he plugs it into Tristan's throat. Then he starts to works on his victim's ass and prepares it for a full fuck experience. Malik pushes his boner as far as it can go into Tristan's open fuck hole!

Malik TN & Tristan Dog

Muscle Bull Fuck